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THE Q : the right questions for transformative solutions


What is your higher purpose?

Does it align with your work?

Can you be honest about what you really want?

Are you working to your full capability? 

Is your talent stagnating?

Are your skills underused, undervalued?

You did the workshop, did you do the actual work to change?

What does an equitable artist centered arts sector
look like?


What is your higher purpose, does it align with your work?
Can you humanize the workplace?
How is the morale of your team or are they just doing a job?

Long hours or just disorganized?

Can you stop manufacturing crises and make time for good ideas?

Is it really a problem or is it about you?

Can solutions happen outside of the conference room?

What does an equitable artist centered arts sector look like?

Can we get beyond learned defensiveness and helplessness to Openness????


Lifting we fly together

Current Clients

Art in the Airport, programmatic support for the PIT ART performance program

Sarika Goulatia,  review artistic practice

Phat Man Dee, grant writing, strategic plan for artistic practice

Curtis Reaves’, Walking Tour assistance, accessibility audit for walking tour

See Clear, marketing and promotions assistance

West Virginia University, Professional Mentorship for student

Society to Preserve the Millvale Murals of Maxo Vanka, Gift 2.0 programming development

Kirsten Ervin, conceptual vision development

Dr. Tameka Cage-Conley, Dr. Jason Mendez, CSA Artist, performance coaching- Redemption Sons

Corning Works, audience engagement programming - SIX A BREAST: the absurd life of women

Ella Mason, CSA artist, creative business coaching - Escape Velocity

Medina Jackson, performance coaching- in preparation for her new album, performance for video

Tom Emmerling, creativity & performance coaching

Gene H. Thompson, creative business coaching

Future Tenant, speaking engagement

Gena Musica, review of artist statement and bio

Tracy Drach, performance coaching

Cara Caruso, Bwell Vitamin injection company, mission and vision writing

Gavin Benjamin, grant proposal writing- for exhibition at Society of Contemporary Craft

Ali Hoefnagel, CSA artist, performance coaching - You can call me Al

Jose Munian, make, Co-Producer, for award winning film, Garbage film

Maitri Medicinals, LLC, establish ongoing, rotating public art opportunity

Past Clients
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