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Artists are challenged to see their creative work fully supported and actualized outside of the intimidating traditional framework of the arts sector, which more oft than not, engages in and maintains a system of paternalistic gatekeeping and inequities, whether in policy, programming or grantmaking. 


The essence of no box is consulting, coaching and co-curating with artists/creatives in two ways          

1. How to navigate the present system

2. How to dismantle the present system

How It Works

 Are you a solo artist (visual, musical, textual, movement, etc…), part of a band, group, collaborative or collective, a creative business or arts organization? Are you working to resolve an issue, create a program, launch a project, seeking funding? Please select the lane that best fits your needs. 

Are you looking  for comprehensive access to a subscription service that will aid in your creative processes?

Become a member and Join the Circle!

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