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Professional Network of Experts

I don't know everything nor do I want to. The Arts Ecology is comprised of many who offer services and support. Connect with these amazing experts in their field for needs and services that I don't offer.

ACT3 Consulting Partners provides creative approaches to problem solving and capacity building, and transformational experiences at the intersection of arts and culture, community, and technology.

I work one-on-one  with artists engaged in public art, or who are looking to transition their practice to include public art. These online sessions are a great opportunity to address challenges, get feedback or ask questions about the process of creating artwork for the public realm. We can work together on things like choosing appropriate materials, scaling your work to public or architectural scale, developing ideas for a specific site or community, considering public engagement strategies, identifying fabricators, understanding the commissioning process, and industry best practices.

SEE CLEAR - Supports, Educates and Empowers youth and adults by helping them to reach their true potential while serving as a catalyst for economic growth and change in the community.

Corey Carrington is a Curator, Collagist, and Spoken Word Artist from the Northside of Pittsburgh, PA. He is also the Owner & Creative Director of Deeper Than Grits Studios, an agency specializing in curation, content creation, creative direction, product development, and artistic consultation.

Founded by clinical mental health therapist Liana Maneese and birth worker Sydney Olberg; The Good Peoples Group and our Center on Interracial Relationships works with individuals who seek to live with integrity in all aspects of their life and work with a focus on individual growth, social justice, historical multidisciplinary learning. Our clients want to do and be better, and they look to us to learn how to make that a reality.


We differ from “diversity and inclusion” consultants because of our emphasis on the importance of identity development and our work to expand the definition of interracial relationships as a way to address societal inequity. In order to create safe and equitable spaces, it is essential that we must first be present and connected with our own experience of the world. We do not simply offer workshops and training but deep, purposeful, and intentional individual or small group work.

Jazzspace is a professional consulting firm working with leaders of nonprofit organizations, private and public foundations, and other creative changemakers to bring hope and prosperity to all communities.

We believe that when people are able to approach their work - and the work of others - with freedom and compassion, they become more free to think creatively and energetically solve problems that change the world. We inspire this kind of doing through experienced, masterful facilitation, servant-led leadership, and improvisational problem-solving methods.


Whether you are navigating a partnership, trying to fund your next great idea, or promoting your established program to a new and wider audience, we want to help.

Terra By Terra LLC is a small business in which Terra Lee Madden creates & sells her own work, but she also offers many services to the schools and public.  She is a teaching artist in the areas of visual arts (ceramics, sculpture, mixed media, drawing, painting, conceptualization, installation, etc.), drama & improv, and Cultural Cooking Culinary arts.  Terra also strongly supports all artists and emerging artists of all ages by mentorship and entrepreneurship projects.

DoUC is a research and design company driven by curiosity, information, and the human experience. Our team of design strategists with interdisciplinary backgrounds build individualized solutions for organizations seeking to strengthen their strategy, engagement, or to revitalize existing processes.

We describe the wide-ranging and unique processes we develop as “Structured Explorations”: we make the structure and you do the exploring. Using both familiar and unconventional methods—including workshops, experience and journey mapping, question exercises, prototyping, timelining, and games—Structured Explorations are built to suit your organization’s knowledge, needs and skills, and to deliver results.

RuggedAngel Productions can provide podcast production management, hosting, and consultation. We also provide video editing, photography, and freelance media writing.

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