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Cx5: Consulting and Coaching 

  • Consoling:

    • we can’t talk about your art till we deal with your life

  • Counseling:

    • we will holistically work through issues and barriers in your life to get to your art. see it, feel it, let it go to move up.

  • Compassion:

    • we will go over principles of compassionate seeing and accepting reality as it is, constructively using one’s full self to propel your art practice forward

  • Coaching:

    • what’s the idea, the vision, the goal, the path and the work to get you there; reframing the hustle towards wealth building

  • Co-Curating:

    • remaining with Artists every step of the way; outlining goals and creating a plan 


This work is by no means a replacement for therapeutic counseling and is meant to work in tandem with whatever approach an artist is using towards their health and healing.

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