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Transparency Collaboration Clarity/Understanding Persistence Respect Creativity Sharing/Openness Graciousness/Vulnerability Power of People/Fearlessness/Courage Open Communication

The Power of People | Creativity and Collaboration

Drawing on my many experiences throughout life that have taught me how: to claim my own power, dismantle oppressive systems with growing compassion, and  increase self worth.

I accomplish this for people by treating people as whole beings, creating personalized creative approaches, and bringing creativity back to creative people


Courage | Respect and Vulnerability

Key part of my work is helping people take risks, making them comfortable outside of their boxes through processes of growth and courage, where one learns how to commit to desires and identify what freedom and success is for them.


Open Communication | clarity & understanding, transparency, sharing, and honesty

Great works of Art demand a depth of honesty, a honesty that I believe is important for the course of work and journey as a creative. I humbly share what I’ve learned and I humbly listen and learn. It takes great compassion to see yourself, share yourself.  Honest and open communication is how we collaboratively work together. 

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