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Jason Mendez

"Christiane Dolores worked as a performance coach for Dr. Tameka Cage Conley's and I new theatrical work, Redemption: Sons. This performance, debuting at the New Hazlett Theater, was about an African American mother from Louisiana and a Boricua father from the South Bronx engaging in a call and response “duologue” as we weaved a story of race, ancestral memory, trauma, and healing. Redemption: Sons was not just the debut of a new work, but my debut as a performer. During Christiane's sessions she helped capture the emotion and spirit of my stories and bring them to life on the stage. Up until the curtains opened, Christiane continually gave instruction and encouragement. Her dedication to our project allowed Tameka and I to gain confidence in our ability and own the stage. Without Christiane Redemption: Sons would not have been the success it was."

LaVerne Kemp

“As an artist creating over many decades, the ability to sustain yourself by the sales of your work alone can be challenging. There is always a need to find means and methods to support and encourage you in your chosen field. Often this means receiving  grants. I approached Christiane Leach to help me with this all important task. Her ability to intake and evaluate  information on my artistic background and her professional process in laying down the foundations for a grant application,  proved invaluable to me in receiving my first awards.”

Anna Doering

Executive Director, Vanka Murals

"Christiane Dolores connected to the Vanka Murals as an artist participating in the inaugural Gift to America 2.0: New Voices. New Walls. She went beyond her individual commission to contribute to the immediate and future success of the project. We’re so excited to have her perspective, creative energy, clarity, and deep experience in the arts community directed toward helping us reimagine, enhance and sustain this opportunity for BIPOC artists in our region."

Kirsten Ervin

"Christiane's expertise and services led me to a different outcome altogether, one I didn't even know I was seeking - one that helped me re-align my artistic and community practices with my core values. She helped identify the people, projects and places I needed to let go of, and instead, helped me identify the projects, people and places that fit me."
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