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Ready to work

I am here to talk about your desire to apply for funding and collaboratively assist you with creating the elements that comprise a solid grant application: project description, bio, artist statement, budget, etc. 

Please choose the opportunity and book your one-on-one
work meeting today.

Technical Assistance with Artistic Practice 

This support is customized and designed for your Artistic Practice needs. Whether it be a review of your bio, artist statement, website, pricing, and your session today to Talk it through | Work it out | Make Art 

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Advancing Black Arts in Pittsburgh

Advancing Black Arts in Pittsburgh is intentionally designed to enhance the support made available to Black artists and Black-led arts organizations that have historically been underresourced. Its grantees are artists, programs and organizations advancing the art of the African diaspora. 

Exposure Arts Program

Sponsored by The Pittsburgh Foundation and Opportunity Fund, the Exposure Artists Program is guided by a shared belief in the need to support creative practice, to cultivate and fund diversity, and to advocate for racial justice in the arts community.


If weekends are your preferred time for meeting, please send an email to

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